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From photographing architecture in significant spaces of Buenos Aires, to knowing the tips of the kitchen of our immigrants. Experiences that enrich and improve the quality of life.


The Buenos Aires of Borges

An experience that integrates literature, gastronomy and urban tourism throughout a day that focuses on thinking, reading and pleasures.

Do It Yourself Photo Scenarios

We will learn to create fictional scenarios from scratch, achieving a staging that allows one or more photographic shots. Materialities, scale, colors and frames to let your imagination fly.

Photo production and digital retouching

From thinking about the photo, to finishing it with professional details. Master the light in the scene, intensify the photos, work in production teams. And how to post-amazing images.

Introduction to Fine Art Photography

Photography as an artistic fact. Pictorial climates, photographic references and an integral production of a Baroque style session. Lights and shadows, model positions and the moment of action. In addition, post-produce with effects.

Our place

Space species

Our windows look at the Avenida de Mayo from the height of the neighboring domes. Its north orientation allows us natural light to share daytime activities and why not, also encourage us to prepare some drinks in the afternoon.

Natural light is used for photographic productions with natural light, but also for those readings that need natural light so that fatigue does not impact the eyesight.

24 x 7

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