Gourmet Delivery


Stay at home and enjoy. We choose prime quality cheese and groceries, we cook with receipts from all the grandmas that came to BA at the early XX century. Make a gift to a friend, or make a gift for yourself, to those flavour’s experiences and take a trip to an imaginary travel.

Master BADE Box

Make a special gift th the Mastars of your life: 3 chesse: (Reggiano selección, Brie, Morbiére), 3 conserves (Cherry all’ uso nostro, Hummus reloaded with tahini and Baba Ganoush), Olives from La Rioja and something more.

3×3 = 10

3 cheese (Reggiano, Morbiere y Pategras); 3 cold cuts (prosciutto, smoked jam Bocatti y salami with herbes); 3 conserves (cherry tomatoes all’uso nostro, hummus reloaded with tahini and baba ganoush). Because we thaught it not enought, we added a Leberwürst with truffles.

Buenos Aires Box

A trip to the influences to the porteño’s taste: Brie, Reggiano. creole Salami,, truffled Leberwürst, Baba Ganoush, Cherry tomatoes all’uso nostro, Roasted Red pepper, olives from La Rioja and a Special and yummy Bannana Bread. Let us know after tasting it…

Selección Q

All that you need to taste about cheese in inly one box: Brie / Polpetta / Patagonic smokd / Blue / Pepato / Gruyere / Cheddar / Morbiére / Pategras / Tríada (Brie, Mascarpone and Blue) / Fontina / Goat cheese

Selección FQ

This box contains an unpredictable item: happiness: Smoked wild pork / Krakovia / Naturla ham Bocatti / Smoked Salami / Salami with herbes / Truffled Leberwürst / Smoked Leberwürst / Patagonik smoked cheese / Fontina Cheese / Mar del Plata Cheese / Brie cheese / Olives from La Rioja

Good, and very good Conseves

Cherry tomatoes all’uso nostro -the same that we serve on Jueves de Tapas-, roasted red pepper with unique parfum from San Juan’s olive oil, addictive texture Baba Ganoush, hummus reloaded with tahini sauce and roasted  garlic. Perfects for dips when you return from work.


Every meal needs a good wine (nd a good olive oil indeed). All that you need for a suprime moment is below a click. Also, you may choose wines by bottle or box by 6.